Work in Progress

The project is a 'Work in progress'
Date of first publication is 18 july 2018

Text will be translated in English during the process, movies - now presented through YouTube and Vimeo - will eventually get subtitles were relevant.

Content is collected through different sources:
Texts & projects: Jean-Marie van Bronkhorst, Wim Dijkgraaf, Bas van Putten, Lucien Posman, Rob Zuidam

Images: set designs Symposion, Houdini, Monkey subdues White-Bone Demon, Tone Clock, To You, by Floris Guntenaar

Movies: Hans Hulscher, Floris Guntenaar, Fred van Dijk, Maarten Rens

Committee of Recommendation
Willem Jeths, Lucia Meeuwsen, Jacqueline Oskamp, Lucien Posman, Steve Austen, Aart Strootman, Erik Voermans, Frits Zwart en Stephan Sanders.

Additional information is welcome.

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