Tone Clock

“The clock simply elucidates what our chromatic language is
(and demonstrates) that there is a natural chromatic order,
existing of itself, by virtue of the almighty power of
The tone clock belongs to all, and it can work for anyone.”

 Theory expanded by Jenny McLeod


The Book by Peter Schat (Amazon, if sold out you will see a broken link)
The Tone Clock

 The Tesis by Erik Fernandez Ibarz
The Tone Clock

Jazz Harmonica
How to use the tone clock

"A jazz harmonica introduction in using the tone clock to graphically represent scales and chords as a way to get new insights."

By Wim Dijkgraaf

De Toonklok van Peter Schat, door Theo Hoogstins

"Various composers have already considered this problem, and ultimately
it was Peter Schat who managed to reduce the problem to its essence."

 The Tone Clock windows made in a PentAhouse in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
PentAhouse is built by Albert van der Schoot.
(the original windows are owned by the Royal Conservatory, the Hague)

Design and laser projection by Floris Guntenaar & Indra Polak