Tone Clock (Contemporary Music Studies)

Peter Schat’s Tone Clock: The Steering Function and Pitch-Class Set Transformation in Genen

Thesis by Erik Fernandez Ibarz, Faculty of Arts University of Ottawa (2015)

Brieven 1958-1961: Peter Schat en Rudolf Escher
editie Erik Voermans

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Biografie van Peter Schat Deel 1
Bas van Putten 

 De Wereld chromatisch

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The Tone Clock: Peter Schat's system and an application to his "etudes for piano and orchestra, opus 39", a lecture recitalThe scope of this study includes relevant background information on Peter Schat and his compositions and process, an explanation of the Tone Clock system and a detailed analysis of one of his compositions, the Etudes for Piano and Orchestra, Opus 39.